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10th Dixie Jazz Fest 2017 Veliko Tarnovo, July 6-8

 10th Dixie Jazz Fest 2017
Veliko Tarnovo, July 6-8

A Spanish quartet inspired by Ray Bradbury's story, a French quartet with a Bulgarian connection and uneven rhythms, prominent author projects merging jazz and folklore, a stylish big band and dixie music of the heart - the audience of Dixie Jazz Fest can experience all this during the festival’s 10th Anniversary this summer!
The event gathers again music loves and friends of jazz in July in Veliko Tarnovo. The three concert nights are on July 6, 7 and 8 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and the venue is the jazz lovers’ favourite spot - the Asenevci Monument.
You can also look forward to the extra events that are part of the festival this year: Jazz for kids, an exhibition of photos from the previous festivals, jam sessions and a Dixieland parade on the streets of the old capital to complement the atmosphere of true jazz celebration in Veliko Tarnovo.
The festival’s organiser is Dixie Jazz Fest Foundation with the exceptional support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.
All events during the 10th Dixie Jazz Fest are free of charge.

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