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Dear friends

 Dear friends, we thank everyone who supported us in celebrating the 10th Dixie Jazz Fest, as well as all the releases before it.

It was a great pleasure to have three days with such wonderful performers, composers, musicians and audiences.
We are delighted to hear again the best words about the festival and its magical scene. This will keep us warm for 365 days.
10 years are a lot of time for a small jazz festival. For a decade it can evolve from a local event with narrow frames and a small stage to a big festival with its own face, time and place. And despite some minor obstacles over the years, such as changing dates, scene and complicated logistics, to be preserved.
We know that quality is a luxury, and it needs to be done. This is what Emil Kosturkov and a handful of people from the Dixie Jazz Fest Foundation are doing. It's worth it because of those happy 72 hours of our lives every year.
But most of all because of the fact that for 
10 years a generation of children walks, runs, climbs, falls and goes to the scene under the Asenevci monument while listening to music. Some of these children are already getting along, singing and dancing with the big musicians. But even if they do not go along their way, they will be happy adults with a broader worldview, taste and culture.
Again, we would like to thank each of the participants and the audience that we were together on 6, 7 and 8 July 2017 in Veliko Tarnovo. A blessing for the huge support of America for Bulgaria Foundation, Veliko Turnovo Municipality, B Sound, Eurocom Tsarevets, Melon, BTA, Peika.bg, Yantra today and many more enthusiasts whose names can not be listed here.
Prepare and run the Dixie Jazz Festival every year is like a fairy tale - there are good and bad moments and twists and turns that you sometimes do not believe in the happy ending. However, in the end, the good is overcome, and not with magic instruments. Magicians are the people who play on them because they are free.
And this is already jazz.
And it is always in the future.
With this we officially announce the tenth Dixi Jazz Fest for indoor.
The team.

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